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Who is ALP? Reflections of a First Timer
Assessment for Learning Project | 3.29.2023

At a conference of roughly 300, I knew one person. And I am an introvert. So getting to know the other 299 after 10 straight hours of instruction, reflection, and identity work required a certain amount of gumption that I just didn’t think I was going to be able to muster…” 

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Balancing UX with Competing Priorities
UX of EdTech | 2.8.2023

“In this article, I aim to share my reflections on our UX processes at Short Answer from the perspective of a first-time, early stage founder on a small team without much current financial runway or endless time. I believe embracing an empathetic, user-oriented UX mindset from day one has not only enabled us to build a better product that teachers and students love, but also sets our business up for success in the long run.”

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How a New Generation of Ed-Tech Entrepreneurs Plans to Transform the Market
EdWeek Market Brief | 12.2.2022

“Kids are craving social interaction, but a lot of them are struggling with it because they haven’t had it for two years in some cases,” Sparks said. “So that’s the technology we need to be building. We’re trying to augment the classroom to facilitate more peer-to-peer interaction.”

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Accelerator Program Sees Surge of Interest in K-12 Arena
EdWeek Market Brief | 11.14.2022

In its fifth cohort, the University of Southern California’s ed-tech accelerator program, overseen by the Rossier Center for Engagement-Driven Global Education, is seeing a greater interest in elementary and secondary learning, rather than higher education or corporate training.

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Student Voices of the Stanford Graduate School of Education
Stanford Graduate School of Education | 7.27.2022

“I am more driven than ever to design and develop ed tech products that are effective for learning and provide equitable opportunity to learn for all students… Short Answer is a peer feedback platform for middle and high school classrooms that we believe can really make a difference in getting students the immediate feedback they need and making teachers’ lives easier. 

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Learning Engineering Tools Competition Tackles Learning Loss
GovTech | 7.26.2022

“Among the winners in the assessment track, the Stanford University-based Short Answer platform gives students in grades 6-12 the ability to provide instant answers and discuss assessments through text, video, audio or images, with the goal of increasing student engagement and communication.”

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Learning Engineering Tools Competition Press Release
Tools Competition | 6.28.2022

“The competition received more than 800 entries from 60 countries. The 30 winners come from institutions and organizations across North America, the Caribbean, Australia, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Prizes range from $50,000 up to $250,000 per team. In addition, the winning teams will share insights from their work with external researchers to facilitate experimentation to improve learner outcomes and better understand student learning.”

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