Unlock the Power of Peer Feedback

Build better K12 writers through engaging peer feedback activities for any subject.

Challenge your students to...


Create responses to open-ended questions


Compare peer responses and provide feedback


Converse about results and actually use feedback

Chat bubbles

Meet Short Answer

students talking

Let your kids talk to their friends

Improve understanding together by fostering productive social interaction for a more engaging classroom.

Create authentic writing activities in the age of ChatGPT

Engage students with bite sized, in-class writing activities that allow for better control of AI's influence on student work.

Student learning
Typing on computer

Write across the curricula

Get students writing in any curriculum by embedding writing into existing practices


Save hours of grading with immediate peer feedback

Authentic Audience

Engage students with an authentic audience for their work


Enable dozens of in-the-moment writing exemplars

Social Learning

Build stronger classroom relationships

Two hands holding a heart

Develop the ability to recognize others' strengths

Taking others' perspectives

Foster respect for different perspectives

Two hands holding

Instill the empathy necessary to give and receive feedback effectively

Develop 4C Skills

Practice communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to develop 21st century skills

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What teachers are saying

Create a more social, effective classroom in minutes.



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More social, engaging, effective classrooms.

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