All Juice, No Squeeze PD Resources

All Juice. No Squeeze. PD Sources with picture of a glass of juice

Below are all the resources shared in the presentation, including the presentation itself. Please reach out to me at if you have more questions about any of this or follow me on twitter @mrsparkstweets Link to presentation slides (Updated for Fall CUE 2023) Pencil / Paper Comparative Judgment Bellringer Google Slides CJ Activity Live […]

Getting Started with Inquiry Based Learning

Impressionist painting of boy inquiring about something I presented at the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association (WEMTA) spring conference in Rothschild, WI this past March. While there, I attended a session called Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) led by Jake Boll, a curriculum specialist at CESA 5 in Wisconsin. It was the first time I’d heard about IBL and, as a […]

3 Practices to Develop Student Agency

Long gone are the days – we hope! – of teachers standing at the front of the classroom and talking for 45 minutes while students sit at their desks silently taking notes. Students crave the opportunity to actively do things: interact with their friends, build relationships, and show off their creative abilities to their classmates.  […]

All Juice, No Squeeze: Quick Review Strategies for AP Exam Prep (Resources)

All Juice, No Squeeze Resources

Thanks for attending our presentation! Below are all the resources shared, including the presentation itself. Click File –>Make A Copy to edit the Google Resources. Please reach out if something isn’t working or if you need support with any of these tools! Link to presentation slides Bellringer Google Form along with Google Sheet of Shared […]

Using Possibility Questions

Short PD on Using Possibility Questions with Short Answer

Short Answer is excited to kick off a new series of free resources for teachers and administrators! Our new Short PD series will detail pedagogical strategies that will amplify Short Answer’s effectiveness in your classroom. These resources will live right alongside our other amazing free resources for educators on our Teacher Resources page. In our […]